I am, by profession, a finisher, or finish-retoucher. This means that I take existing designs, usually built in Photoshop, rez them up to the proper size, and then completely rebuild them. Most of the time this includes making changes to the design so that it looks better (sweetening), color correcting or color matching the art so that it blends better, and often flat-out illustrating to get the final desired effect. It’s hecka fun, if you like to play around in Photoshop.

Over the years I have probably done well over 1000 finishes.  Yikes!
I also have become comfortable working in both the RGB and the CMYK color spaces.  So much so, that I sometimes get work just to color correct photos.

I also do quite a bit of design, but I’m known more as a finisher, and so I usually get “finishing” calls.

The work here is divided into 5 main groups, Finishing, Design, Illustration, Sweetening, and Model Retouching.

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