Finishing is the art of making great what was already good. I do a lot of this, so its easy to over stuff this part of my portfolio. To mitigate against this, I try to place artwork here that is exceptional, or has more my own personal involvement. For every piece you see here, I’ve probably done 20 others just like it.


Jurassic World
Completely by luck I was called into Bond to work on a series of comps for Jurassic World. This was way back in August of 2014. The project was super hush hush and no one could talk about it. Then in May of 2015 they called me back into Bond, and while I was there we finished the project. Luckily I kept the comp files so I could show you the progress. It was funny to go back and find files that I had labeled so long before.

The two finishes I did are the motorcycle and the standoff. You can see the motorcycle comp went through some massive changes. Not so much for the face-off. In both cases the dinosaur files were provided by the production company, so very little of what you see on them is my work.

Motorcycle comp

Motorcycle comp

Motorcycle Final

Motorcycle Final


Face-off Final

Face-off Final

Face-Off comp

Face-Off comp


Vikings Season 2
This was a huge project and it took up the better part of four months to complete. First off were the Character Posters.

HIS_VIK2_Aslaug_KeyArt_LR6 HIS_VIK2_Athelstan_KeyArt_LR7 HIS_VIK2_Bjorn_KeyArt_LR9 HIS_VIK2_King-Horik_KeyArt_LR8 HIS_VIK2_Lagertha_KeyArt_LR13 HIS_VIK2_Ragnar_KeyArt_LR15 HIS_VIK2_Rollo_KeyArt_LR13


Then there was the payoff art, used mostly for outdoor like this 2-Sheet.



Then we built a Subway Car Interior. These images are the two end walls and one of the sides. The people in them are life-sized to give you an idea how huge these pieces of art are. You can see details of these walls on my Illustration Page

HIS_VIK2_Subway_MID_End_1_LR2 HIS_VIK2_Subway_MID_End_2_LR3 HIS_VIK2_Subway_MID_Side_1_LR3


There were four different finishes for this Ravenswood season. The first two are mentioned in my Illustration page as I did a lot of work on them. They are all here below.



Hatfields & McCoys
For this series we did a huge amount of art. Magazine ads, a huge outdoor campaign, and even 2 entire subways cars (both interior and exterior) in New York.

The Key Art that the whole campaign is based on.

The Outdoor campaign: 2-Sheet, billboards, etc.

Magazine art

Subway Car Interior
A lot of custom work here, as you can see by the close-ups. The artwork went on the walls, the seats, the ceiling, the doors, everywhere. There was one car for each family, Hatfield, and McCoy, both interior and exterior.

Subway Cars Exterior


Various art pieces for The Client List


Teaser and Key Art for The Kennedys tv series


Caprica Key Art


Law Abiding Citizen


Gunless Teaser




The Boys Are Back




Red Sonya (pre-release art for 2008 Comicon)


Shes Got The Look tv series


Addicted To Beauty tv series


The Contender tv series

The Contender Art: Season 2

Good Luck Chuck

Good Luck Chuck International Teaser 1Good Luck Chuck International Teaser 2Good Luck Chuck International One-Sheet

Harry Potter 5


Happy Feet


Oceans 13


Superman Returns


Expedition tv series vertical kiosk


Sweeney Todd


Bartender Wars tv series




Silent Tongue


Silent Tongue is one of the first pieces I ever finished. It was done in 1994 before Photoshop had layers!

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